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  • Newspapers try some dynamism

    Newspapers try some dynamism

    The latest national newspapers Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) report for Irish newspapers bring more bad news for the industry, with a drop in total sales of over eight percent – over 90,000 copies – in the twelve months to the end of June 2017. At the top end of the market, the Sunday Independent […]

  • Trust in media unusually high in Ireland

    This article first appeared in Village magazine, July 2017 edition In the wake of the Jobstown trial, a lot of commentary followed on both power of social media to influence outcomes, and the credibility (or lack of same) of “mainstream” media in reporting accurately. Perhaps predictably, most of the commentary seemed to reinforce already existing […]

  • In which Denis gets himself sued

    This article first appeared in Village magazine. Perhaps the strangest event on the Irish media landscape last month was prompted by Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan’s publication of a report into media ownership in Ireland, commissioned by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) grouping in the European Parliament. The report itself – by Belfast […]

  • Fake news and audio online: 2016’s lessons for moribund media

    This article first appeared in Village magazine, December 2016 edition At the beginning of 2016, the two expected major new issues in media circles were 3D/VR immersive technologies, and podcasting. A lot has changed since then. Virtual reality/3D is still in the earliest stages of development – and may not ever evolve beyond a gimmick […]

  • The bottom half of the internet

    An edited version of this article first appeared in Village magazine. Not too quietly, but without a great deal of fuss, NPR (National Public Radio), the American public radio network, killed commenting on its website in mid-August. In a statement announcing the change on 17 August, the network explained that an analysis had revealed that […]

  • Ad Blocking: The next threat to Irish newspapers

    An edited version of this article appeared in Village magazine, December 2015 edition A few years ago, as print media watched their subscription and circulation plummet, digital advocates were fond of reciting Clay Shirky’s adage that “no medium can survive the indifference of 25 year olds.” The advocates had a simple solution. Readers didn’t care […]

  • Revolving Newspaper Editors

    An edited version of this article appeared in Village magazine, October 2014 edition It’s been a summer of change at the top of the Irish media landscape. There was the departure Clare Grady at the Irish Independent, and then the end of summer appointment of Ian Kehoe at the Sunday Business Post, followed almost immediately […]