Tag: An Garda Siochana

  • The case of Danny McCormack

    This article first appeared in Village magazine, February 2021 edition. The brother of a Tullamore man who died of a heart attack shortly after being released from Garda custody in 2019 has criticised the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) for a lack of transparency and openness in their dealings with the family during the subsequent […]

  • McCabe, O’Sullivan and a stick of ‘political dynamite’

    This article first appeared in the Sunday Independent on 21 January 2018. “Political dynamite” were the two words solicitor Annmarie Ryan wrote down when barristers for the garda commissioner began to challenge garda whistleblower Maurice McCabe’s credibility at the O’Higgins Commission of Investigation. “I was always conscious in relation to it getting into the media, […]

  • Charting the Charleton tribunal

    This article first appeared in Village magazine, June 2017 edition As the tribunal of inquiry into protected disclosures and certain other matters prepares for its opening statement from counsel in mid-June, Peter Charleton must be wondering what he’s let himself in for. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The Supreme Court justice initially agreed […]

  • Media looking at tribunal looking at media

    This article first appeared in Village magazine, March 2017 edition The Disclosures Tribunal – or the Charleton tribunal, as it may come to be known – got of to a surprisingly quick start, with Supreme Court Justice Peter Charleton making an opening statement on Monday 27 February, only eleven days after the first draft of […]

  • A brief history of the Irish surveillance state

    An edited version of this article appeared in Village magazine, February 2016 edition Twenty years ago, Letterykenny gardai sent a request to Garda HQ looking for selected phone records in the county. The request, part of the deeply flawed Donegal garda inquiry following the death of cattle dealer Ritchie Barron, which following complaints for the […]