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  • Tribunal a distraction set up by British intelligence says ex-garda

    Smithwick tribunal The Smithwick tribunal was set up as a result of British intelligence manoeuvres to distract attention from collusion allegations in Northern Ireland, a former garda detective sergeant has claimed. Owen Corrigan, who was a detective sergeant based in Dundalk during the 1970s and 1980s, denies allegations of collusion with the IRA, and has […]

  • No Garda records found to support death threat claim

    Smithwick tribunal A trawl of garda intelligence records has found no document or report that the life of an Armagh grain importer was in danger as claimed by a former detective sergeant who said he learned of the threat before the businessman was abducted and killed by the IRA. Last week, former detective sergeant Owen […]

  • Businessman was not warned of IRA threat

    Smithwick tribunal A retired garda detective sergeant did not warn a border businessman that his life was in danger from the IRA, the Smithwick tribunal heard. Former detective sergeant Owen Corrigan told the tribunal that he was told that there was a threat to John McAnulty, a grain trader and smuggler, but did not warn […]

  • Dispute over Robinson escort claims

    Smithwick tribunal A retired garda inspector has contested the claim by former detective sergeant Owen Corrigan that he took part in an escort for Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson when he travelled to Dublin in early 1987. Dan Prenty, who was a detective Inspector in Dundalk garda station, was responsible for arranging garda escorts […]

  • Ex-detective claims one in four IRA members sold information to British

    Smithwick tribunal Up to one in four IRA members were selling information to British authorities, a former garda detective sergeant has said. Owen Corrigan served as a detective sergeant in Dundalk from the 1970s to until 1990. He told the Smithwick tribunal that one in four republicans was providing information to either the British Army […]

  • IRA monitored RUC officers movements

    Smithwick tribunal A Special Branch meeting in July 1988 warned that the movements of RUC officers travelling to Dundalk were being monitored by the Provisional IRA., eight months before an ambush in which two senior RUC men were killed, the Smithwick tribunal heard. The “Message Form” was sent to RUC headquarters by an RUC special […]

  • Lawyer rejects charge he sought to ‘frame’ ex-sergeant

    Smithwick tribunal A lawyer for the family of a murdered RUC officer has rejected an accusation that he was trying to “frame” a retired garda detective at the Smithwick tribunal of inquiry into allegations of collusion with the IRA. Banbridge solicitor John McBuney represents the family of chief superintendent Harry Breen, who was killed in […]

  • Detective says Donaldson put his life in danger

    Smithwick tribunal A former garda detective sergeant has told the Smithwick tribunal his life was put in danger when he was identified as an IRA mole in the House of Commons by unionist MP Jeffrey Donaldson. Owen Corrigan was identified by the Lagan Valley MP in April 2000, following the publication of Bandit Country, a […]

  • Ex-sergeant ‘deeply insulted’ by collusion claims

    Smithwick tribunal A former garda detective sergeant has said he was “deeply insulted” by allegations that there was collusion in Dundalk garda station which led to the murder of two senior RUC officers as they returned from a cross-border security meeting. Owen Corrigan was the most experienced member of the detective branch in the border […]

  • RUC report said Garda passed information to IRA

    Smithwick tribunal A former RUC special branch detective has given evidence to the Smithwick tribunal about a June 1985 intelligence report stating that a detective sergeant in Dundalk garda was passing information to the IRA. The witness, identified as Witness Q, gave evidence from Belfast via video-link to the tribunal, which is looking at allegations […]