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  • A Fighting Man

    Village magazine Gardaí in Donegal tried to frame Frank McBrearty Junior for a murder that never happened. The result was the Morris Tribunal and the worst scandal ever to hit the Irish police force. This week, after almost nine years, McBrearty eventually won €1.5million from the State for what happened. Profile by Gerard Cunningham. All […]

  • Dr McDaid’s Mistaken Diagnosis

    Village magazine Helen Whitwell literally wrote the book on head injuries. The professor of forensic pathology at the University of Sheffield is, in the words of the second Morris report, “one of the leading forensic pathologists in Great Britain”. Professor Whitwell’s evidence at the Morris tribunal hearings in Donegal in the summer of 2003 was […]

  • Morris Tribunal for Dummies

    Village magazine Everything you need to know about the Morris Tribunal by Gerard Cunningham. What is the Morris Tribunal? The Morris Tribunal – or to give it its formal title, the Tribunal of Inquiry into complaints concerning some gardaí in the Donegal Division – was established by the Oireachtas on 28 March 2002. Who is […]

  • Gallagher’s Farm

    Village magazine A Garda weapons search of an innocent farmer’s land, which involved the Emergency Response Unit and the Army, put him out of business. But the Garda knew he had no arms and were trying to frame him. Gerard Cunningham reports. The meeting was arranged in a hurry. Present were Chief Superintendent Denis Fitzpatrick, […]

  • The Ridiculous & The Sublime

    Village magazine Gerard Cunningham reports on the bizarre happenings at the Morris Tribunal: the witnesses and the evidence. Justice Frederick Morris was appointed to head the inquiry into allegations of corrupt activity by some gardaí in Donegal in February 2002. Since then, a succession of bizarre, disturbing and occasionally comical events have emerged. Although there […]