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  • It could have been me says ex-RUC man

    Smithwick tribunal A former member of staff for a senior RUC officer killed crossing the border said it could have been him in the car ambushed by the IRA in March 1989, but his place was taken by another officer because he was playing a rugby game that evening. Alan Mains was a sergeant in […]

  • Incompatible phone systems led to RUC/Garda contacts over insecure lines

    Smithwick tribunal Incompatible telephone systems meant that joint RUC/Garda meetings were set up over unsecured lines, the tribunal looking at allegations of Garda collision in the deaths of two senior RUC officers heard. Retired garda superintendent Pat Tierney told the Smithwick inquiry he also had concerns about the number of times that RUC Supt Bob […]

  • Cheering killers

    Smithwick tribunal IRA gunmen cheered as they drove away after a 1989 ambush which killed two senior RUC officers a few hundred yards from the border, the Smithwick tribunal heard. Former Irish Army veteran Finbarr King and other eyewitnesses described how they were stopped by men wearing combat fatigues, and made to lie face down […]

  • Officers ordered not to cross border

    Smithwick tribunal A retired senior RUC officer has insisted he instructed two of his officers not to cross the border, days before they were killed in an IRA ambush on their way back from a meeting with their Garda counterparts. Witness 18, an Assistant Chief Constable, said that he met with the RUC Chief Constable […]

  • IRA quizzed by collusion tribunal

    Smithwick tribunal Three former members of the IRA met in secret with lawyers examining the deaths of two senior RUC officers in 1989. The two senior officers were ambushed while returning to Northern Ireland after a meeting with Garda officers to discuss a “joint operation” on lands owned by well-known republican Thomas “Slab” Murphy. During […]

  • Good Cops Deserve Better

    Donegal on Sunday In the week that saw the launch of ‘Chaos and Conspiracy’, the book telling the full story behind the Morris tribunal inquiries into complaints by the McBrearty family and others, author Gerard Cunningham reflects on the policeman’s lot. Several times in the past week, as I gave interviews to publicise Chaos and […]

  • Morris tribunal denies full costs to detective inspector

    Irish Times SEVERAL GARDA officers, including a serving detective inspector, have been refused full costs by the Morris tribunal. The inquiry last month published its report into the mistreatment of suspects arrested during the investigation into the death of cattle dealer Richie Barron. The tribunal has found that Mr Barron died in a hit-and-run, but […]

  • The Longest Night

    Village magazine Katrina Brolly was one of twelve people arrested by gardaí in Donegal investigating the “murder” of Richie Barron – which was later found to have been a hit-and-run killing. At the Morris Tribunal on 27 March, she proved to be a resilient and self-assured witness, writes Gerard Cunningham. In 1996, when she was […]

  • Morris Tribunal rejects call for PSNI officers to give evidence for White

    Village magazine A detective sergeant sought unsuccessfully to call PSNI officers to testify to his truthfulness. The Morris Tribunal has refused to allow three senior members of the PSNI to be called to give character evidence about allegations a suspended detective sergeant made concerning terrorist attacks in the North. Lawyers for suspended Detective Sergeant John […]

  • From Victim To Prosecutor

    Village magazine Mark McConnell was falsely arrested, beaten and abused by Donegal gardaí. At the Morris Tribunal, McConnell represented himself, cross-examining gardaí with the fluency of a senior counsel and earning praise from the judge. Now he is taking a civil case against the Garda Síochána for wrongful arrest. He speaks to Gerard Cunningham. Mark […]