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  • RUC offered £5000stg per week for informant

    Smithwick tribunal An RUC officer asked a Garda to offer an IRA suspect in custody in Monaghan garda station £5000 sterling per week to act as an informer in the early 1980s, the Smithwick tribunal heard. Retired sergeant Brian Moroney was giving evidence to the tribunal, which is looking at allegations of Garda collusion in […]

  • Documents missing from Garda station

    Smithwick tribunal Critical documents from Dundalk garda station on the day two senior RUC officers were killed returning from a meeting in the station are “inexplicably missing”, the Smithwick tribunal heard. The station diary records the times at which all Gardai go on and off duty, and is a record of who is present in […]

  • Tribunal hears of “unease” in border Garda station

    Smithwick tribunal A senior garda who worked in Dundalk garda station at the time when two RUC men were killed on a way back to Northern Ireland from the border town said he was aware of unease about a “certain individual” in the border station. Tom Connolly, now retired, was the border superintendent in Dundalk […]

  • Collusion tribunal judge concerned about “spin”

    Smithwick tribunal Retired district court president and tribunal chairman Mr Peter Smithwick expressed concern about “spin” in a letter written to justice minister Alan Shatter on 27 May, correspondence placed in the Dáil library Thursday 30 June reveals. The Smithwick tribunal, set up in 2005, began hearing evidence in June this year after several years […]

  • Border cop will not name IRA informant

    Smithwick tribunal A senior garda in charge of border security during the 1980s told the Smithwick tribunal he was not prepared to name an IRA informant to told him that his NI counterpart could be shot. “There is a possibility that at some stage he might be got if I did that,” retired chief superintendent […]

  • PSNI had no evidence of Garda collusion

    Smithwick tribunal The PSNI had no evidence of garda collusion when they were asked in 2000 by gardai about reports that a garda mole passed on information that led to the deaths of two senior RUC officers in 1989, the Smithwick tribunal was told. Senior garda detectives spoke to their Northern counterparts following the publication […]

  • The Chief

    Smithwick tribunal: Commissioned by the Sunday Times, 26 June 2011 Alan Mains cuts a striking figure in the witness box. Relaxed and comfortable, his words flow easily. Answers come in full sentences, volunteering supplementary information, not just clipped answers to the precise questions asked most policemen are trained to give in court. Mains retired from […]

  • Up to 400 on Dundalk Garda IRA list

    Smithwick tribunal Up to 400 suspected IRA members lived in the Dundalk area in the late 1980s, a retired detective garda told the Smithwick tribunal. The inquiry is examining claims of Garda collusion in the murder of two RUC Officers killed in an ambush as they returned from a meeting in Dundalk on 21 March […]

  • RUC ambush gun was used in Kingsmill massacre

    Smithwick tribunal Documents supplied to the Smithwick tribunal show that a gun used in the ambush in which two senior RUC officers were killed on their way back from a meeting with their Garda counterparts in Dundalk in 1989 was used in four other attacks, including the Kingsmill massacre. The tribunal was set up to […]

  • IRA claim is “monstrous lie” says ex-Garda

    Smithwick tribunal A former Garda detective named in the House of Commons as an IRA “mole” has described the allegation as a “monstrous lie”, the Smithwick tribunal heard. Jim O’Callaghan SC said his client, former detective garda Owen Corrigan, was “a good guard who fought the IRA at a difficult and dangerous time.” Alan Mains, […]