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  • That Football Game

    That Football Game

    Its hard watching them win. Every true Irishman has something in his genetic makeup that rebels against the thought. Anyone but them. Anyone but those arrogant bastards.

  • Rainy Days in Clones When Giants of Ulster Meet

    Rainy Days in Clones When Giants of Ulster Meet

    There’s a sweetness in beating the favourites. All the more so when they’re not just favourites, but you can’t even get a price on your own men. Clones was wet yesterday. Not just a soft Irish rain, but an irritable, crappy wetness that didn’t want to go away. The clouds would clear a little between…

  • Fit and fitter

    Fit and fitter

    Donegal Democrat There’s a different level of fitness among GAA players these days, but then again, there’s a different attitude too. I was talking to a footballer a while back, he rambled about an player from a generation gone by, who told him how the team would bicycle thirty or forty miles, play a game,…

  • Another Year Over…

    Another Year Over…

    Donegal Democrat That’s that then. The GAA is over for another year, or at least, the All-Ireland is. There’s the National League starting up after the Australia games of course, and at county level some championships and leagues and shields are still being played out, but the main event is over for another year. Despite…

  • What I did yesterday

    What I did yesterday

    I saw a football match on Sunday. Not Cork V Kerry, something far more important. Naomh Columba’s played Naomh Conall in the first round, second leg of the Donegal County Football Championship.

  • A Ramble in the Park

    A Ramble in the Park

    A few years ago, I saw Ireland play Mexico in Giants Stadium in New Jersey. In Croke Park on the August Bank Holiday, it was hotter, more exciting, and the surroundings were grander.