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  • Generation Gap

    Generation Gap

    Donegal Democrat So there I was, down the country for a country wedding, and after the belt-bursting meal and the speeches they finally wheeled out the band, and for the first few rocknrolly songs the young ones bopped away. Then the band slowed it down a notch, and the creaky arthritic fellas got up to […]

  • Wake up and smell the coffee

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    Donegal Democrat Whenever Americans asked me why I’d left such a beautiful country and county to live in the concrete jungles, I used remind them of the old Connemara proverb: ‘You can’t eat the scenery.’ Later, when asked by those I knew had been to Ireland, I said it was because I couldn’t find a […]

  • Ros na Rún abú!

    Ros na Rún abú!

    Donnegal Democrat Have you noticed how Eamon Ó Cuiv seems to look and sound more like his grandfather with every passing year? It can be a terrible distraction when you’re trying to listen to what he’s saying rather than how he’s saying it. Last weekend for instance, ‘Dev Óg’ made a speech about the role […]

  • Euros by any other name

    Euros by any other name

    Donegal Democrat Have you managed the euro conversion yet? No, I don’t mean he onerous task of converting all our notes and coins to euros. Lets be honest, most of us took a bit more cash than usual from the ATM on New Years Eve, in case the banks had problems switching over, had it […]

  • Group fears fight for low internet charges will take time

    Group fears fight for low internet charges will take time

    Irish Examiner Cheaper internet chares may take some time to achieve, according to a consumer pressure group which fears the Telecoms Regulator does not have enough power to force through the changes quickly. IrelandOffline, formed to push Telecoms Regulator Etáin Doyle for flat-rate internet charges, had a number of concerns after their meeting yesterday with […]

  • IrelandOffline representatives to meet Telecoms Regulator

    IrelandOffline representatives to meet Telecoms Regulator

    This is the first article I ever sold. It appeared in the Irish Examiner on 5 July 2001. A follow-up article also appeared in the Examiner the following day. Representatives of consumer group IrelandOffline will today meet with Telecoms Regulator Etáin Doyle to press their case for affordable internet access in Ireland. Esat Fusion has […]