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  • Car Madness

    Donegal Democrat I was damn near killed last Sunday. Outside Virginia in Cavan, the car in front suddenly pulled into the side, and in front of it, coming at us at high speed was a genius on the wrong side of the road. Our car almost ended up in a ditch swerving to avoid the […]

  • Much Ado About Nothing

    Donegal Democrat The silly season is well and truly upon us. It’s that time of year when the Dáil has closed down for the summer, and there just aren’t that many stories to report any more. To everyone who compains there’s nothing but bad news in the papers, this might be a good thing. For […]

  • New Names for Old

    Donegal Democrat ‘Translations’, the Brian Friel play touring the Gaeltachts of Donegal and Scotland at the moment, tells the story of one culture disappearing as another imposes its names on the places a people live in. Names that mean something, names that tell something of the history of a place, are replaced by meaningless strings […]

  • The girl next door

    Donegal Democrat I grew up next to a Goddess. No, this isn’t going to be an article about awkward teenage years, about the second longest walk in the world, across the floor to ask her for a slow dance at the disco, and the longest walk of all, back again if she said no. That’s […]

  • A wasted vote

    Donegal Democrat For most of us, the election is over. But for a small minority of us though, there’s still some voting to be done. One voter will elect eleven Seanadóirí. 1000 or so voters will elect 43 Seanadóirí. 100,000 or so voters (including me) will elect 6 Seanadóirí. The rest of us watch and […]

  • Meeting the Minister

    Donegal Democrat Times have changed. When I was a strap of a lad, a tall gaunt figure visited my home parish of Glencolmcille. The near-blind Eamon de Valera probably had difficulty seeing ten feet in front of himself, but crowds turned out from far and near to save him. Party affiliation didn’t matter, Fine Gaels […]