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  • Euros by any other name

    Donegal Democrat Have you managed the euro conversion yet? No, I don’t mean he onerous task of converting all our notes and coins to euros. Lets be honest, most of us took a bit more cash than usual from the ATM on New Years Eve, in case the banks had problems switching over, had it […]

  • Keep The Home Fires Burning

    Donegal Democrat From Ballyshannon to Buncrana, fires will burn this weekend. But not all of them will burn to welcome home victorious footballers and government ministers. This Sunday, 23 June, is Oiche Fheile Eoin, the Feast of St John, traditionally the longest day of the year, and in many rural areas of the country, bonfires […]

  • The girl next door

    Donegal Democrat I grew up next to a Goddess. No, this isn’t going to be an article about awkward teenage years, about the second longest walk in the world, across the floor to ask her for a slow dance at the disco, and the longest walk of all, back again if she said no. That’s […]

  • A wasted vote

    Donegal Democrat For most of us, the election is over. But for a small minority of us though, there’s still some voting to be done. One voter will elect eleven Seanadóirí. 1000 or so voters will elect 43 Seanadóirí. 100,000 or so voters (including me) will elect 6 Seanadóirí. The rest of us watch and […]

  • The left hand of the dolmen

    Donegal Democrat So there we are in naíonán bheaga, small chubby hands holding pencils that feel unfamiliar, learning to make letters. Along comes the teacher, takes the pencil out of my left hand, places it in my right. I was five, what did I know? I went along with it. I didn’t want to make […]

  • Once Was A Man

    Donegal Democrat Jim came from Donegal. He was born in 1910 & so reached the age of sense just as the Irish Free State began to find its feet. He was the youngest of seven children, his father a local farmer, heading up a reasonably prosperous family from just outside Glenties. Growing up in the […]

  • Meeting the Minister

    Donegal Democrat Times have changed. When I was a strap of a lad, a tall gaunt figure visited my home parish of Glencolmcille. The near-blind Eamon de Valera probably had difficulty seeing ten feet in front of himself, but crowds turned out from far and near to save him. Party affiliation didn’t matter, Fine Gaels […]

  • It Ain’t Necessarily So

    Donegal Democrat As any schoolchild in Donegal can tell you, Colmcille died on Iona on the ninth of June, 597AD. But Dan McCarthy, a senior lecturer in Trinity College Dublin, says it ain’t necessarily so. Scholars have long regarded the dates in the Irish annals as unreliable, because of errors that crept into the record […]

  • Group fears fight for low internet charges will take time

    Irish Examiner Cheaper internet chares may take some time to achieve, according to a consumer pressure group which fears the Telecoms Regulator does not have enough power to force through the changes quickly. IrelandOffline, formed to push Telecoms Regulator Etáin Doyle for flat-rate internet charges, had a number of concerns after their meeting yesterday with […]

  • IrelandOffline representatives to meet Telecoms Regulator

    This is the first article I ever sold. It appeared in the Irish Examiner on 5 July 2001. A follow-up article also appeared in the Examiner the following day. Representatives of consumer group IrelandOffline will today meet with Telecoms Regulator Etáin Doyle to press their case for affordable internet access in Ireland. Esat Fusion has […]