Author: Gerard Cunningham

  • Morris Tribunal for Dummies

    Morris Tribunal for Dummies

    Village magazine Everything you need to know about the Morris Tribunal by Gerard Cunningham. What is the Morris Tribunal? The Morris Tribunal – or to give it its formal title, the Tribunal of Inquiry into complaints concerning some gardaí in the Donegal Division – was established by the Oireachtas on 28 March 2002. Who is […]

  • Gallagher’s Farm

    Village magazine A Garda weapons search of an innocent farmer’s land, which involved the Emergency Response Unit and the Army, put him out of business. But the Garda knew he had no arms and were trying to frame him. Gerard Cunningham reports. The meeting was arranged in a hurry. Present were Chief Superintendent Denis Fitzpatrick, […]

  • The Ridiculous & The Sublime

    Village magazine Gerard Cunningham reports on the bizarre happenings at the Morris Tribunal: the witnesses and the evidence. Justice Frederick Morris was appointed to head the inquiry into allegations of corrupt activity by some gardaí in Donegal in February 2002. Since then, a succession of bizarre, disturbing and occasionally comical events have emerged. Although there […]

  • A Belated Obituary

    Donegal Democrat Today marks a remarkable anniversary, the 1400th anniversary of a Donegal man who wrote one of the world’s first “Geneva conventions”, a law governing the conduct of armies in war. St. Adomnán (or Eunan* in modern Irish) was born around the year 627 in Drumhome in Donegal. He was of noble blood, a […]

  • Wish You Were Where?

    Donegal Democrat, 8 July 2004 English placenames in the Gaeltacht will no longer have legal standing, if a draft order published by Gaeltacht Minister Éamon Ó Cuiv on Thursday 1 July is accepted. As a native of a Donegal Gaeltacht, this comes as a great relief to me. Not because I have any strong feeling […]

  • Rainy Days in Clones When Giants of Ulster Meet

    There’s a sweetness in beating the favourites. All the more so when they’re not just favourites, but you can’t even get a price on your own men. Clones was wet yesterday. Not just a soft Irish rain, but an irritable, crappy wetness that didn’t want to go away. The clouds would clear a little between […]

  • Emigrant’s Son To Run For US State Office

    Donegal Democrat The son of a west Donegal man who emigrated to America at age nineteen has received the Democratic endorsement for a seat in the Pennsylvania state legislature and will be the Democratic Party’s candidate in November. Brendan Boyle is the son of Francis, who emigrated to America from Glencolmcille, and Eileen, a lifelong […]

  • Smoke and mirrors

    Donegal Democrat On a quick holiday trip abroad a few weeks ago, I stopped into a shop to buy a few nick-nacks. The assistant reached down to hand me a plastic bag, and almost by reflex I said “It’s ok, I don’t need it”, before I even had time to think. Funny how little time […]

  • War and peace

    Donegal Democrat I’ve been following the whole peace camp and war build-up saga for months now, and I still don’t know how I feel about it. The most interesting observation I heard was from one of the protestors as they were closing down: “When we started, no one believed there were war planes in Shannon. […]

  • Risky business

    Donegal Democrat “If we die, we want people to accept it. We’re in a risky business, and we hope that if anything happens to us it will not delay the program. The conquest of space is worth the risk of life.” – Gus Grissom, 1926-1967, killed when Apollo I exploded while waiting for take-off. Last […]