Author: Gerard Cunningham

  • The Wee Province

    Is Northern Ireland a province? England and Scotland are Kingdoms, Wales is a Principality, and Northern Ireland is, um.. well… hang on a second… The Northern Ireland Constitution Act (1973) states that Northern Ireland is ‘part of Her Majesty’s dominions and of the United Kingdom.’ Hardly informative. Then there’s the Northern Ireland Temporary Provisions Act […]

  • Morris Tribunal rejects call for PSNI officers to give evidence for White

    Village magazine A detective sergeant sought unsuccessfully to call PSNI officers to testify to his truthfulness. The Morris Tribunal has refused to allow three senior members of the PSNI to be called to give character evidence about allegations a suspended detective sergeant made concerning terrorist attacks in the North. Lawyers for suspended Detective Sergeant John […]

  • Missing the point

    Free Speech is meant to offend. I’m amazed that no one seems to get this. Time after time, I hear the argument that a particular piece should not have been published because it was too offensive. During the row over a series of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for example, […]

  • Mad laws axed from the Statute Book

    Irish Daily Star On Sunday 18 December 2005, while the rest of the country battled the pre-Christmas crowds to buy last minute presents, President Mary McAleese signed a law to finally end the 700 year old legal obligation that every citizen of Ireland should own a bow and arrow and practice archery. In autographing the […]

  • Wanted! Irish speakers to work for EU

    Donegal Democrat Gaeilgeoirs could be in for a lucrative new job – as proofreaders from the EU. Today is the closing date for applications for Irish speakers interested in earning up to €35,000 in the post. Last June, the Irish government successfully lobbied to have the Irish language added to the list of official and […]

  • One in Five

    Donegal Democrat One in five men in Donegal are descendants of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the Irish High King who according to legend brought St Patrick to Ireland as a slave, a genetic study has found. The study, by scientists in Trinity College Dublin, discovered that as many as one in twelve Irish men […]

  • Labels

    I’m fed up with Political Correctness. Not the idea, you understand, just the phrase. The idea, as far as I can tell, is a worthy one. In essence, people should speak and behave in ways that don’t offend others, To this end, insulting and hurtful words which denigrate and demean should be avoided. Mary O’Rourke’s […]

  • From Victim To Prosecutor

    Village magazine Mark McConnell was falsely arrested, beaten and abused by Donegal gardaí. At the Morris Tribunal, McConnell represented himself, cross-examining gardaí with the fluency of a senior counsel and earning praise from the judge. Now he is taking a civil case against the Garda Síochána for wrongful arrest. He speaks to Gerard Cunningham. Mark […]

  • A Fighting Man

    Village magazine Gardaí in Donegal tried to frame Frank McBrearty Junior for a murder that never happened. The result was the Morris Tribunal and the worst scandal ever to hit the Irish police force. This week, after almost nine years, McBrearty eventually won €1.5million from the State for what happened. Profile by Gerard Cunningham. All […]

  • Dr McDaid’s Mistaken Diagnosis

    Village magazine Helen Whitwell literally wrote the book on head injuries. The professor of forensic pathology at the University of Sheffield is, in the words of the second Morris report, “one of the leading forensic pathologists in Great Britain”. Professor Whitwell’s evidence at the Morris tribunal hearings in Donegal in the summer of 2003 was […]