I’m considering future career plans. In fact, I’ve decided to do something about one of the first online articles I ever wrote.

Back in 19mumble or so, I wrote a few hundred words on why the Seanad, with its closed electorates and appointed members, was an undemocratic institutions.

A few years later, I submitted a version of the same argument to an Oireachtas Committee on Seanad Reform. Needless to say, they didn’t pay much heed to my proposals.

A few years later again, I got the article published in a column I wrote, so at least I made a bit of profit out of it.

So today, having just posted off my University Panel ballot, I think its time to do my bit for Seanad reform.

Five years from now (perhaps sooner) there will be a new Seanad election.

I hereby announce my intention to run for one of the seats.

If elected, I will introduce a bill to amend the constitutional provisions for the Upper House.

I haven’t quite decided how yet. Maybe just abolioshing it (that seems to be the populist sentiment) or perhaps amending it.

The only other platform I intend to run on is a proposal to extend the popular mandate in Dáil elections.

It seems a bit daft that English, Scots anmd Welsh immigrants can vote for TDs, but not Poles, Lituanians, French, Italians, and all the other New Irish.

So I propose that all EU citizens should be entitled to a Dáil vote on the same basis.

And maybe a Seanad vote too, if I don’t abolish it.

I don’t see the Seanad reform bill going very far, my colleagues in the upper house are unlikely to vote to abolish themselves.

But at least for a few hours of debate, they’ll have to justify their existence.

And lets face it, the job of Senator is a nice little earner, and I could do with a steady income.

So vote for me. Together we can make me rich.