Innovation minister showcases not-quite-innovative technologies

Last week, Richard Bruton launched the Internet and Games Competitive Start Fund, so naturally on such an occasion the government would put on its best face and showcase the latest in internet technologies.

Displaying its 21st century credentials, the government information service at even uploaded a youtube video of the event, featuring Bruton getting a quick guide to a new iPad based game and an interview with the minister.

The fund aims to help companies with “the capacity to succeed in global markets”, providing money for prototype development and marketing strategies.

Screenshot of Richard Burton, computer in background running Windows XP
Ahead of the curve

But take a good look at the screenshot from the interview with the minister for enterprise, jobs and innovation.

In particular, we draw your attention to the screensaver on the computer screen behind the minister. Surely that’s not Windows XP?

Don’t get us wrong, XP will always have a special place in our hearts. It’s lengevity, and its stubborn refusal to die when Microsoft pushed out Vista, are a testimony to its popularity, stability and

But seriously, XP was launched in 2001. It’s a decade old, an aeon in internet terms. Putting that in perspective, Facebook didn’t arrive on the scene until 2004, and Twitter, already a veteran of the social media site, is marks its fifth birthday this month.

We know things are bad, what with the banks and all, but surely someone in the department of finance could find a few euro for a Windows 7 upgrade?