Don’t drink two bottles of wine alone on Valentine’s Day warns drinks industry

Too much alcohol can affect your romantic prospects, the drinks industry has warned in a pre-Valentine’s day press release, but what’s extraordinary is how the industry defines “too much”.

Brewer’s droop is of course a well-known phenomenon, but just how much is too much?

“Two bottles of wine might not seem like a vast quantity of alcohol, but it is actually equal to more than sixteen standard drinks,” the press release intones.

Yes, you read that right. That’s two bottles of wine, not two bottles of Bud Light. That’s about eight pints, give or take. Or seven shots of whiskey. In other words, more than the recommended weekly allowance for a typical woman, and enough to move the average man into the risk zone.

Image: A quiet pint
A quiet pint. Image © Faduda

“For those that are surprised by these figures, it is worth taking a moment to consider how much you really drink,” the press release continues. Though presumably, those who are surprised would need to take a few hours to let the fog clear and the hangover subside before taking time out for consideration.

“Sharing romantic drinks with the one you love might be high on your Valentine’s wish list, but the reality is that too much booze could have a negative effect on your relationship,” the drinks industry missive continues, though thankfully they don’t go into the details.

Hot Press “relationship expert” Anne Sexton chimes in, quoting the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare: “Good wine is a good familiar creature, if it be well used.”

Sexton is most famous for getting her job by entering a Search For A Sex Columnist competition run by Niall Stokes’ venerable organ.

“But even good wine can ruin a great evening or a happy relationship if you drink too much,” Sexton adds. “One evening of irresponsible behaviour, such as unsafe sex or drinking and driving can change your life forever.”

We could scoff all day, but there actually is a serious message behind all this.

“Many of us don’t really think if our drinking may be affecting our partner. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, is throwing the spotlight onto relationships and the effect excessive drinking can have on them,” explains chief executive Fionnuala Sheehan.