British actor steals Irish job

Stephen Fry’s visit to Ireland was plagued by travel screw-ups, but the actor nonetheless enjoyed his cameo on Irish language soap Ros na Rún.

The British actor plays “a bewildered tourist” who wanders into Tigh Thaidhg and tries to ask for directions in Irish.

Fry was asked to do the cameo while filming a BBC documentary on minority languages.

Earlier, Fry’s flight to Knock diverted to Shannon, and he contrived to miss his lift to the TCD Phil (the Philosophical Society) where he was due to speak.

“Transport came through, had the most wonderful time imaginable. The Phil Soc of TCD were unexampled in their warmth and charm,” he tweeted after a student search party finally found him.

Photo: Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry: ‘had the most wonderful time imaginable’

Earlier, the polymath had used his twitter account to tell his followers he was “in a Dublin pub talking about Joyce, Beckett and Wilde. If only I hadn’t got a bad case of flu I’d be the happiest man in the world.”

“Everyone at Ros na Rún very kind and welcoming,” he reported to his two million followers earlier as he left Galway. “Falling asleep now. It’s been a long time since 3am this morning when I had to get up.”

Fry is not the first overseas celebrity to get involved with Ros na Rún, but he is the first to appear in the show itself.

Hollywood actors John Finn, Kathryn Morris, and Jeremy Ratchford from Cold Case appeared in a joint promo for both shows in 2005.

Finn, who played Detective Stillman in the American crime drama, is a fluent Irish speaker, and arranged the promo after meeting one of the show’s producers during a holiday in the Gaeltacht.