Kosovan jailed for supplying ectasy teen party

Circuit court – Naas – Co Kildare

A 22 year old Kosovan father of one was sentenced to two and a half for supplying ‘ecstacy’ to a party in Co Kildare.

Garda Christina Brady from Naas Garda station said that on 29 July 2007 a young man became unwell at a house party, and as a result emergency services and Gardai were contacted.

The homeowner Mr Pat Jennings was abroad on business, and his son Andy Jennings (17), a minor, had invited friends round to a party, Garda Brady said.

Gardaí became suspicious of drug misuse when they arrived, and after making inquiries arrested Mr Shkelzen Pajazitaj (22), 11 Oldtown Gardens, Naas.

Witnesses said that Mr Pajazitaj received a mobile phone text message during the party, left as a result, and returned some time later with “a bag that contained MDMA”, also known as Ecstacy.

A small amount of white powder and other drugs parapanalia were found in the home.

Mr Pajazitaj, who has worked in catering, fast food and car valeting jobs since arriving in Ireland with his father six years ago, cooperated with Gardai, the court heard.

He has been in custody since pleading guilty on 3 July 2008. He has taken courses in computers and woodworking while in prison, and worked to improve his English language skills.

Judge Michael O’Shea said that while the offence was a serious one, among the mitigating circumstances were that Mr Pajazitaj had not profited from his deed.

“He wasn’t in it for any profit or gain on the date in question,” he said. The judge also said that in considering what sentence to impose, he was taking into account “the difficulties non-nationals will have in Irish prisons.

He imposed a two year and six month custodial sentence, to run from 3 July 2008, since when Mr Pajazitaj has been in custody after pelading guilty to the offence.