Over the years I have written articles and contributed to radio programmes about a number of subjects to varied outlets:

Society and Culture

From some recent pieces I wrote as part of a monthly series of columns for Village magazine (mostly on media and society), to some of my earliest written pieces documenting an emigrant’s experiences living in the USA.

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I covered the Morris tribunal since it first began hearing evidence in March 2003 for outlets as diverse as the Donegal Democrat, Ocean FM and Highland Radio to national media including RTE, the Irish Times, Newstalk and the Irish Star. More recently, I’ve been spending time at the Smithwick tribunal.

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Crime and Courts

When not busy with other projects, I spend a lot of my time in the local courts, keeping an eye on various criminal cases.

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Newswhip in its first iteration was a new online publication, “a smart tabloid with a simple philosophy of snappy, informative news supported by useful analysis, reader interaction and a positive web design experience.”

From November 2010 until April 2011, I wrote for Newswhip, sometimes covering breaking news stories, sometimes breaking our own stories, sometimes looking in more detail at the stories behind the headlines. Those articles were sometimes straight news, occasionally cheeky or tongue-in-cheek, sometimes expressing a lively and irreverent editorial tone, and were once described to me as “written the way you’d tell a story to your mates in the pub”.

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Local history and archaeology

I’ve had a longstanding interest in local history and archaeology, probably because I’m fortunate enough to come from a part of the country that is largely unspoilt, and still contains many ancient monuments.

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Politics and Economics

The great majority of these articles were written as part of ‘The Glen Man’s Rambles’, a weekly column I produced for the Donegal Democrat.

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Some of these articles also appeared in the Glen Man’s Rambles, others were sold as one-off feature pieces.

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Occasionally I turn my hand to the lighter side of life, whether to mark April Fool’s Day, or simply because I come across an unusual story or factoid.

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