Writer. Podcaster.

Gerard Cunningham is a freelance journalist living in Co Kildare. A native of West Donegal, he writes a media column for Village magazine, produces a regular podcast series, the Freelance Forum podcast, and writes for for local and national outlets on topics as varied as crime and courts, politics, new technology, and local history, with a particular interest in archaeology and early Celtic society. He also works as a sub editor, designer and on occasion as a photographer.

Gerard Cunningham is the author of two books, Chaos and Conspiracy, published in April 2009, and Breaking the Silence (along with Martin Ridge). He also worked as consultant editor on Charades, by Karen McGlinchey, and produced and edited several other publications.

He has covered three tribunals of inquiry into Garda corruption, most recently the Charleton (Disclosures) tribunal and before that, the Smithwick tribunal.

For five years between 2003-08 he covered the Morris tribunal, providing stories to both national and local newspapers, and to broadcast media. He is the only journalist to have attended every day of public evidence at the inquiry into Garda corruption.

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