I’m a writer.

I’m never quite sure how to describe what I am, so I usually leave it to others. I occupy my time working as a freelance journalist, author, sub-editor, magazine designer, occasional blogger and tweeter, yet still find myself underemployed. Go figure!

For five years, I was the Morris tribunal reporter, the Go-To Guy when someone needed an article or interview on Garda corruption in Donegal. I wrote countless reports over it’s near 700 days of hearings, spoke about it on rsadio and tv news programmes, and wrote a book after it finished.

In 2008 I co-authored a book with Martin Ridge about clerical child sexual abuse. I’ve written political stories, light entertainment and features, a screenplay currently stuck in development hell, pieces on history, archaeology, sports, and the occasional April Fool’s gag.

I’m a hack.

Hack is a much maligned term, meaning simply a journeyman writer who, in theory at least, can turn his hand to anything.

There are courts to monitor, all too many cases get lost these days. There are changes to report on as the tiger adjusts to recession. There are pages to fill, so I write.

A writer writes.